Starlight's Journey Home

by Purple Avengers

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Starlight's Journey Home was recorded at Broken Toys with Leroy "Bubble" Bath.
It was released independently at first and then re-issued after the Avengers signed with Phantom records.
The songs were born in the Target/TC Beirne Building practice room era


released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Purple Avengers Brisbane, Australia

The band released 3 albums, with the 1st album Starlights Journey Home being re-released when the band was signed by Sydney based label Phantom Records. The band released two more EPs thru Phantom Records: Emma Peel Sessions & Dragonfly

The line up consisted of electric guitar, electronic organ, electric bass and drums. The band was strongly influenced by Psychedelic rock and heavy rock sounds
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Track Name: Starlight's Journey Home
Starlight journey home
Through the passage of cold and dark years
Starlight on your own
On the wave of the night without fear
Starlight kiss my window
Make my heart beat serenely
Starlight journey home
Cross the night... come to me

I have been here waiting…
It seems like a million years of dark
Have come and gone
I’m lying here and shaking
Be my falling star and I’ll catch you in my arms

We are not machinery
Our hearts may strip their gears
While we watch the wheels go round
And time may circle you and me
Until that final shattered day when we are found

Starlight split the night in two
Cross my mind... be here with me
Track Name: Strangest Daybring
Anyone could tell you’ve been through Hell lately
And you are only wind in a shell
And so we go where shadows go
Deep down below in the Ancient Hole

Then I hear you calling
On my hands and knees I’m crawling
And when we’re falling
Close in surround this Strangest Daybring

Awake! Arise!...
Shake off the morning
Through emerald eyes the world is forming
We come alive and the insects swarm
The sun comes creeping... the ground grows warm

On the valley floor... pixie-eyed and sprawling
In monochrome slashed as daylight’s dawning
And so we dance like untied children playing
Fateless... charming in the fading day
Track Name: Leaves
The egg-cracked sun it rises through the trees
I’m here to greet the dawn
I curl up sleeping on the notes you send to me
And when I wake you’re gone

But you’ve gone so far away I can’t believe
You say you left him there
But you know you also left me

Two sleepy people under the Autumn leaves
Dreaming there beneath the trees
I’d like to say I missed you now
so please just go away
But be sure to take me with you when you leave

While I travel on the road this siren night
Announce her death there on page three
The naked smiles of friends who come and go away
Well I don’t really need them...
I just need you here with me

The day you went away I told myself you lied
You know you said you never cared...
You never will I know
What was wrong that you had to leave?
You’ve gone... you’ve gone away
I took a chance on love and I found it doesn’t pay

So tell me now just what should I believe?
Well please if you ever change your mind about me Now I’ll tell you
Come back I’m waiting for you
Track Name: Purple Blues
My eyes are falling... hit the ground
I’m so tired I really don’t care if they’re never found

My mind has left... I’m all alone
I’m so wired I really don’t care if it don’t come home
Track Name: Rikkety Raga
Please give me something that I can hold tonight
A liquid vision to pour down deep inside
I want to climb so high and fly and never ever fall
I want to be your all

Please take the sun, the moon
And anything that you can find
The stars and I collide
The planets are just atoms trapped...
They’d come if you would call
I’d like to be... I want to be... have to be your all
Track Name: Like Knives
With legs like knives we walk the wire
Between love and desire
With dreams on fire we burn our hands
So let’s stab the earth with this grim dance

Hey baby pretty baby will you wait for me
And maybe share with me this happy day?
Hey baby equal heart and flesh and mind and soul
You play the part they make you play
And we’re torn in two this happy happy day

The gift of blood on your clenched hands
Won’t prove to me that you’re a man
When your eyes betray the lie
That says you do just what you want to do
Well I won’t break my mind in two
To make small change for you

I am only waiting for the sun to dry the rain
For the wind to blow your mind
So maybe we might fly again

With hearts like sand we’re sometimes blown away
And though I try I can’t make you stay
How I wish that you could slip
so deep inside my mind
To see the things that I can’t give to you
But maybe you can find
Track Name: Stolen by Trees
Winter: withered, crisp and maned
Press your face to its cool frame
Bite the air and shake the trees
Shake the sky to break the seal
Recollect the memories you have left in dusty piles

Got what you want and it’s not that much at all
Go where you want and it’s not that far at all

Summer knives that bruise the sky
In mourning colours clouds will cry
Bite the air and shake the trees
Shake the sky to break the seal
Recollect the memories you have left in dusty piles

Did you want it? Did you get it?
Did you... crawling now?
Don’t you want it? Can’t you see it?
Can’t you feel it now?
Nothing moves...
Not ever till you kick it hard

Here it comes now crawling
Here it comes now calling your name
Shake your head and bite the air
Here comes the longest day... a small affair
Track Name: One Wild Eye
Back on the dead night sand
The moon is a wild eye
The sea hits the land
Stars are the tears it cries

You thought that I was an open book
But all you read between the lines
Was merely lost in the translation
I will not be defined... set down on paper
Just to be denied all that could be later

The dust has settled deep on all these pages
So that I can’t read your mind or recollect the stages
That led to this laconic drift
Of tired and wandering eyes
Here we sit and watch ourselves
destroy these final ties
Track Name: Dragged Up the Mountain of Love
Dragged up the Mountain Of Love
From up here I see all around
I see your dreams on the ground
Dragged up the Mountain Of Love

Dragged up the Mountain Of Love
Why am I waiting alone?
Always here waiting alone?
Dragged up the Mountain Of Love