Emma Peel Sessions

by Purple Avengers

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Recorded at World Record Studios


released May 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Purple Avengers Brisbane, Australia

The band released 3 albums, with the 1st album Starlights Journey Home being re-released when the band was signed by Sydney based label Phantom Records. The band released two more EPs thru Phantom Records: Emma Peel Sessions & Dragonfly

The line up consisted of electric guitar, electronic organ, electric bass and drums. The band was strongly influenced by Psychedelic rock and heavy rock sounds
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Track Name: Goldfish Bowl
When you’re reckless...
On parade tonight
When you’re reckless you’re much more entertaining
Looking out from inside here through our fuzzy lens
Everything looks kinda dim
But much more entertaining

In a Goldfish Bowl for everyone to see
Yeah I’m looking out...
There’s someone looking back at me

Can’t we talk it over?
Happy one more time

In your bedroom...
Even when the lights are out
I don’t doubt that nothing else can save me
Even without a heaven waiting there for me
I can only hope that saying this might thrill you

When you reach it don’t hold on too tight
All you had might drip right through your fingers
I can’t set you free but you know that didn’t you?
Didn’t you try?

Won’t you come in… right in
Come on in the water’s fine

In a Goldfish Bowl for everyone to see
Swimming back and forth
And more in circles lately
Track Name: Headdress
Heavy in your red hat...
You play your games
You’re just like cinders
As you pour from the flames
Well in the city you wear your crazy Headdress
Like your name

Three miles go by just like the last three
Here at night between the scenery
On the black strip in your crazy Headdress
Heavy heavy wild...
Our dark journey

Heavy heavy wild cradle in the sky
Curious and wise giant cat’s eye
Heavy heavy wild steel clockwork child
Hey you nearly missed winding time

Wind me up and set me free
Here between the scenery
We are chained in flesh machines
So wind me up and set me free
Track Name: Freakshow
Scarecrow stuck in the hard ground
Deliver me... deliver me
Anywhere... yeah I don’t care how
Deliver me... deliver me

Hey gather round
Circus is back in town
Enjoy the Freakshow then we can go

So close to the edge now
Don’t wake me... I might fall
You kissed me in the corridor
Then kicked me in the hall

Unfunny clown
Deliver me... deliver me
You make me sad somehow
Deliver me... deliver me
Track Name: Describing Nowhere
It’s September
And the weeks of Winter grey have just shut down
The car we’re in moves slow…
We wind our way through town
We drive for miles and miles into the countryside

In the Orange Grove they’re making nectar
Now the gods are waking

You make a world of plastic blocks
And someone knocks them down
You reach the top... they make you king
But someone steals your crown
And as you stack those piles
We watch from up on high

In the tangle of the vines
That grow the grapes to make the wine
We find a quiet place to spend a little time

Scratch pictures in the dirt of everything we find
I draw conclusions... you draw the line
Here in the forest where the sun won’t ever shine
Track Name: Chasing Rainbows
Holly drink up... come clean
This is splendid... peachy keen
Photographs and postcards of places we have been

Holly don’t go chasing rainbows
We have it all right here at home

Everyone is beautiful... a china doll a shatterstone
A secret whispered to the trees
The unexpected answer

Holly head up... make that scene
Sell that smile in shades of green
Photographs and postcards of faces we have been

You’re sitting in my pocket
Like you don’t have a friend
Load up the milltrain..
It will take us to the end

Holly don’t go
Track Name: Toy
I am only flotsam/jetsam washed up on the tide
I have only half the legend locked here in my mind

I don’t think that you’re a toy
Pick you up when I get bored

All your friends say:
“Don’t be crazy... he will only use you”
All my friends say:
“Don’t you let her take you out to play”

Catching up with everything you did the night before
Things you only half remember... even then not sure

I don’t think that you’re a toy
Just like to get to know you so much better
Maybe this is not an accident or ploy
Just like to make you understand...
You don’t get it
Do you?
Track Name: Dewtide
Dewtide rise... Don’t forsake me now
Dewtide fall... Take me down

Sometimes the only thing you wish
Is for peace of mind
Sometimes the only thing you need is a little time

Hold me now the light has gone
Dewtide rise and take me home

To each and every one of you... Peace of mind

Dewtide rise now...
Bring me some peace of mind