A Storm of Years

by Purple Avengers

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    A grand return to form for Purple Avengers, 2 years in the making, it turned out to be quite the Opus. Plenty of everything on this record.

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released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Purple Avengers Brisbane, Australia

The band released 3 albums, with the 1st album Starlights Journey Home being re-released when the band was signed by Sydney based label Phantom Records. The band released two more EPs thru Phantom Records: Emma Peel Sessions & Dragonfly

The line up consisted of electric guitar, electronic organ, electric bass and drums. The band was strongly influenced by Psychedelic rock and heavy rock sounds
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Track Name: Between the Silver Rails
Between The Silver Rails
Far along the Cosmic Trail
A million miles beyond the veil
Dividing night from dreams of day
We’re spooning sunlight into pails

Here it is the Milk of Dreams
A dozen shady roadhouse scenes
The gift that turns you into rain
Cloud-high and down again

Here between the Silver Rails
A trip by stellar train
We ride the comet tails
And drink
The stars’ infernal ale

I didn’t mean
To take you
To the secret place
Up high
Here on the edge
Of everything

The sign says:
“Here it is Eternity”
Drive until we reach the sea
The road beneath us burns our eyes
We all live... well we all try
Track Name: Miranda
Miranda sex is a picnic
Roll in the blankets free
Burn in the insect heat
Miranda sex is volcanoes
Volume of lust is lost
Unsubtle metaphors

Miranda sex is religion
Fuck all the gods you see
Ours is eternity
Miranda sex has a death toll
Lost in the crossfire fun
Two of us became one

Miranda sex is a new toy
Eager to unwrap bliss
Cross off a birthday wish
Miranda sex is a fine art
Drawn in our darkest hour
Critical faculties flower

We hunger for touch...
We are starved for delight...
I don’t want to wake up feeling
Nothing remains in the light

Miranda sex is an instinct
Join up the missing links
Genetic code in winks
Track Name: Cheese and Liberties
The coast is clear
The cats are busy
Licking all the cream
The cats all scream
The mice have taken
Cheese and Liberties

Whiskers twitch
With richest smears
Cholesterol hari-kari
Safe in our own Roquefort here
Dreaming of Red Leicester Square

Fake the bravery
The cats surprised
Flee far in disbelief
Break the feline tame
The mice have beaten them
At their own game

Cats resort to dirty tricks
And launch Limburger Gas Rockets
Mice have all they came to steal
Take to the skies
In Wheels of Cheese
Track Name: Swarm
They came out of the sky
And swarmed the night
A rain in flaming points of light
Their engines like a Storm of Years

They landed aeons earlier than planned
Bent to shake our fish-lobe hands
Our blood was barely warm... it seems

They kindly brought a gift
Of Zip Machines
Built to rip apart our genes
And put their minds in Monkey Things
Track Name: Feeds Birds
Was a man so he said... so he said
Used to fly with birds
Or wanted to I guess
Was a man disagreed... used to mean it
Used to mean it or he wanted to
I guess

Feeds birds crumbs and seeds
And honey-words he don’t mean

Hello friend come on in
What I mean is hello live with me
I guess
Tortoise-shell… you got under my skin
I will let you pick the furniture
I guess
Track Name: Hirsute 1
You try to look up
At what’s going down
You try to look out
At what’s in...
You clown
The Circus is a lair
For the Ringmaster of Thieves
But the Midgets have got the lowdown

The chase is on
I’m hot in pursuit
The Bearded Lady
Looks hot in hirsute
She is lucky in love
Her suitor’s cards
Are on the table
While I am tangled
In her ladybeard

While Pitiless Pete
Throws knives
Of deceit
At Mary-Girls
Tied to Fate’s spinning wheel
He denies your civil liberties
Three times before the cock crows
Then climbs into bed
With the jury
Track Name: Crystal Land
Drop your rocks
But make your stand
And take your place in Crystal Land
With feeble cars on needle wheels
And jagged dogs that stalk our heels

Is there nowhere left to run?
Will we fall into the sun?
This season of dreams
Has only just begun
In Crystal Land alive beneath the sun

In a box on the 14th floor
With lots of rocks
To stone the Kings of War
Whose fists mean Business...
Eyes the Bitter Clown
If we miss
This world comes crashing down

Eyes on stalks that wilt with dawn
A steel egg unbinds all form
A field of glass...
A double sun
What once was two
Has now been joined as one
Track Name: Logic Fails
Logic fails
Lost all faith
All belief swept away

Menace in him
Menace in him
No telling if he’s told tales
Drama to weave
Drama to reap
No telling if she’s told tales

Knows darn well truth has failed
Well-forged lies take their place

Last offer
Easy meat
Stripped of fur
Left to bleed

Jester is trained
Test of restraint
No telling if he’s told tales
Circus of Hate
Circle of Apes
No telling if she’s told tales

That’s when Logic fails…
Track Name: Sawdust
Rockjaw Brickwall
Makes a fist like pig-meat
With his knuckles dragging
He could be a road-sweep
Catfight Wreckball
Makes a mark on impact
With her sawdust brain
She can outthink concrete

Sperm race is won
By the dumbest one
Willing to beg for your stupid egg

Alltalk Bookboy
Wears his socks in sandals
With his wall of words
He could be a landmark
Bigwit Nofriends
Leads a life on paper
With her flowerpress frame
She could be a bookmark

Splash of fuel
Keeps the friendship warm
Sawdust fire on the butcher’s floor
Burger meat is all eyes and paws
Tender pets on the butcher’s board
Track Name: D.N.A.A.O.K
Opening line...
Go out and find
What you want protected
Go out and play... put on display
The love you collected

Lousy segue...
Well anyway so what does it matter?
Kinks in our genes left human beings
As mad as a hatter

Did you know that we are mostly
Just made up of water?
Did you know that flies share
More of our genes than they oughtta?
Did you know that there’s
A comical twist in our nature?
Did you know that we are
Really all chimps in our makeup?

Just another genetic gamble
I couldn’t afford to lose

One final thought
Now you are bored
And then this is over
What would you say if we could change Instead of evolving?
Track Name: Unlike Vera Lynn
Unlike Vera Lynn
Dirty water... dirty feeling
No use trying to conceal it

We may not meet once again
On the face of it unlike Vera Lynn
Can I hang off you
Like a piece of lint?
Once again

Keep the questions open-ended
Wear me out like a new dress
Track Name: Primordial Meat Conspiracy
Track Name: 1000 Years and Rising
A thousand years and rising
Has taken us up so high
The stars have lost their faint glow
And burned their fuel to guide us

Met Icarus... clipped his wings
And snuffed the sun in slipstream
We gorge on rich emptiness
While sipping Milky Way drinks

A thousand years and rising
Beyond the Realms of Finite
So hold my hand tight as we flee
Together through the unknown
Track Name: Softly Came the Rain
Softly Came The Rain
After all these years
Softly came the rain
To fall on all the Seeds of Hopeful Dreaming
Track Name: Hirsute 2
While Jesus wept
The men slept deep sleeps
The women were left
To pick up the pieces
Herod was harried
So he hacked the heads
Off the firstborn
And Judas was King of His Own Defeat

You got a new pair
Of Gold Nosehair Ploughs
To daintily sow your seed in the ground
Now you’ve got a patent
On that Free Will Power
You can generate some interest
From your friends